White Wedding Ideas with Class and Charm

These gorgeous white wedding ideas are glowing with amazing florals, cakes and reception and ceremony decor. Such a simple color can make everything look so clean and elegant for everyone to enjoy. Have a look at this fabulous inspiration of white wedding ideas!

white-wedding-ideas-1-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Rob Yaskovicwhite-wedding-ideas-2-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Michael Kaal Photography

For the classiest outdoor ceremony, a draping white canopy will do! Fulfill the elegance of the refreshing outdoors with white florals and a lovely arch or canopy dressed in pretty white.

white-wedding-ideas-3-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-4-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-5-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-6-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-7-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-8-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-9-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photography

For the most romantic evening at a wedding reception, there’s no better way to set the mood than with white candles and classy glass all around the room! Not only does this decor set a romantic mood, but it also gives off such a luxury look to truly impress.

white-wedding-ideas-10-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Megan Clouse Photography via The Knotwhite-wedding-ideas-11-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Life Long Studioswhite-wedding-ideas-12-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Carrie Patterson Photography via The Knotwhite-wedding-ideas-13-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Tori Williams via The Knotwhite-wedding-ideas-14-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Tori Williams

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white-wedding-ideas-15-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Tori Williamswhite-wedding-ideas-16-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Jen Fariello via Mon Cheri Bridalswhite-wedding-ideas-17-12222015-km Featured Photographer: London Light Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-18-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Love + Wolves Co (formerly JBM Wedding Photography)white-wedding-ideas-19-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Love + Wolves Co (formerly JBM Wedding Photography)
white-wedding-ideas-20-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Henry Photography via The Knotwhite-wedding-ideas-21-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Henry Photography via The Knotwhite-wedding-ideas-22-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Clark + Walker Studio

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white-wedding-ideas-23-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Clark + Walker Studiowhite-wedding-ideas-24-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Clark + Walker Studiowhite-wedding-ideas-25-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Anna Kim Photography

Multi-tiered white cakes are a classic wedding favorite! Traditional white wedding ideas like these create a true love vibe all around.

white-wedding-ideas-26-12222015-km Featured Photographer: Millie B Photographywhite-wedding-ideas-27-12222015-kmFeatured Photographer: Tim Halberg Photography

There’s so much you can do with simple wedding details like in these white wedding ideas! Get creative and stylish with luxury decor, cakes and florals to create every bride’s wedding fantasy.