2016 Jenny Yoo Collection: Bridal and Bridesmaid


The 2016 Jenny Yoo Collection makes simplicity and elegance seem so… well, simple! With flowing skirts and impressive drapery with rich, luxurious fabrics, these wedding dresses epitomize absolute sophistication and class. We love the intricate laces and delicate beaded embroidery that served as the inspiration for Jenny Yoo’s 2016 Bridal Collection. The versatility in the Bridesmaid Collection allows the bridal party to not only create a one-of-a-kind look, but one that also ensures re-wearability. Who doesn’t love that? To see and admire these dresses in person, you can find a Jenny Yoo Trunk Show event in your area.

Photos: Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo Bridal Collection 2016

We are particularly keen on the 2016 Bridal Collection with all the sheer necklines and soft, dreamy skirts with muted floral prints, which are just perfect for a garden style wedding with a Gatsby-esque flair.

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Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Collection 2016

The 2016 Bridesmaid Collection offers amazing pieces for the bridal party and we just can’t get enough! The collection includes separates of tulle skirts and fitted sweaters with delicate embroidery and lace details—but best of all, they are great for mixing and matching!

jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-1-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-2-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-3-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-4-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-5-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-6-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-7-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-8-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-9-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-10-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-11-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-12-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-13-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-14-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-15-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-16-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-17-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-18-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-19-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-20-021316mc

We also can’t help but admire the Nabi Collection by Jenny Yoo, which features a line of convertible dresses. Available in different fabrications and prints for both Bridal and Bridesmaid dresses, they are made with two loose panels in both the front and back. That way, they can be tied in various ways to create a range of diverse, stylish looks and again, we applaud the versatility of these gorgeous dresses! They are breezy, soft, and yet oh so enchanting.

jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-21-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-22-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-23-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-24-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-25-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-26-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-27-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-28-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-29-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-30-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-31-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-32-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-33-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-34-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-35-021316mc jenny-yoo-bridesmaid-36-021316mc

To see and admire these beautiful dresses in person, find a Jenny Yoo Trunk Show event in your area. And to learn more about Jenny Yoo Collection, follow them on social media:

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CREDITS: Lookbook Photographer: JJ Ignotz Photography | Campaign Shoot Photographer: Caroline Tran Photography | Hair and Makeup: KC Witkamp | Florals: The Hidden Garden Floral Design | Vintage Rentals: Found Rentals | Jewelry: BHLDN