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Breathtakingly Rustic Wedding Cakes from Lael Cakes

What a treat we have for you today with these wedding cakes from Lael Cakes! This Brooklyn-based cake maker has mastered absolutely breathtakingly gourmet cakes with adorable rustic style. Specializing in dairy-free and gluten-free cakes, Lael Cakes focuses on elegant design and high-end details for perfect wedding cakes!

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wedding-cakes-22-02172016-km Featured Cakes: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-23-02172016-km Featured Cakes: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-24-02172016-km Featured Photographer: Lev Kuperman Photography | Featured Cakes: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-25-02172016-km Featured Cakes: Lael Cakes
wedding-cakes-27-02172016-km Featured Cakes: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-28-02172016-km Featured Cakes: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-29-02172016-kmFeatured Cakes: Lael Cakes

The standout details of these flawless wedding cakes were definitely the vibrant cake flowers and sophisticated but unique structure. Whether it’s an outdoor rustic wedding or a ballroom reception, these designs could easily fit any style of wedding. These picture-perfect cakes are seriously too eye-pleasing to eat!{"url":"","count":294})