Classic Designer Wedding Dresses with Modern Charm

We’re seriously impressed with these overly divine wedding dresses from Divine Atelier and George Wu. These creative designs keep us intrigued and amazed until the very end of this glorious wedding dress inspiration. From bohemian-chic gowns fit for a beach wedding to tastefully elegant gowns, these modern designer wedding dresses have a lot to offer for the perfect-dress-seeking bride to be!

Photos: Courtesy of Divine Atelier, George Wu


wedding-dresses-1-02172016-km wedding-dresses-2-02172016-km wedding-dresses-3-02172016-km wedding-dresses-4-02172016-km wedding-dresses-5-02172016-km We’re loving that Divine Atelier keeps it chic and unique with a mixture of embroidered patterns, tulle skirts and flattering waistline sashes. This high-fashion gown is ready to shine with full-on elegant charm!wedding-dresses-6-02172016-km wedding-dresses-7-02172016-km wedding-dresses-8-02172016-km wedding-dresses-9-02172016-km wedding-dresses-10-02172016-km wedding-dresses-11-02172016-km wedding-dresses-12-02172016-km wedding-dresses-13-02172016-km wedding-dresses-14-02172016-km wedding-dresses-15-02172016-km wedding-dresses-16-02172016-km wedding-dresses-17-02172016-km wedding-dresses-18-02172016-km wedding-dresses-19-02172016-km


wedding-dresses-20-02172016-km These George Wu gowns definitely pack on the uniqueness when it comes to creative patterns and silhouettes. These all-white masterpieces are truly delicate and diving with these soft but dramatic details!wedding-dresses-21-02172016-km wedding-dresses-22-02172016-km wedding-dresses-23-02172016-km wedding-dresses-24-02172016-km wedding-dresses-25-02172016-km wedding-dresses-26-02172016-km wedding-dresses-27-02172016-km wedding-dresses-28-02172016-km wedding-dresses-29-02172016-km

We’re loving the fresh and chic spin on these classic wedding dresses! With pure elegance and high-fashion elements to seriously admire, these designer gowns make it easy to feel inspired to dream up the most perfectly sophisticated wedding dress.{"url":"","count":13})