Dance the Night Away with Rescue Flats


We’ve got THE perfect party favor for your wedding guests! Well, at least for the ladies. Rescue Flats is an award-winning ballet flat that comes in an easy-to-display couture box. What does this mean? It means that when your feet start aching after standing, walking, and dancing in heels for a few hours, you have the easy option of trading those painful heels for comfortable flats! What’s even better is that these luxury wedding slippers are cute and foldable, which means they can be worn multiple times, in or out of a wedding. And as a special treat for MODwedding readers, you can take 10% off your purchase using the promo code MOD10.

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Designed by Sarah Begus and Jeni Mundy, these co-founders had the genius idea of creating a product that would, simply put, help female wedding guests last longer on the dance floor. With these little gems, you are sure to keep the party going all night! In fact, Rescue Flats has been a part of over 700 weddings since their inception in 2013, winning the 2014-2015 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards and 2015 Wedding Industry Experts Award. This must mean that they are definitely doing something right to help all the ladies out there!

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Rescue Flats are secured by comfortable elastic, padded for optical support, and made of beautiful faux leather that is weather resistant. Best of all, they are wrapped in classic satin ribbon and displayed in a couture bridal box set. This month, Rescue Flats released two new color ways, Blush and Lavender, in addition to the pre-existing color options of Slate, Copper Rose, Black, and Gold. Our personal favorites are Lavender and Gold—they add the perfect amount of shimmer and glam to compliment any wedding outfit.

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Because we are such a fan of these flats, Rescue Flats is offering MODwedding readers 10% off using the promo code MOD10.  Take a look at these gorgeous and useful ballet flats for yourself!

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