Floral Paradise in Romantic Florida Wedding

Florida-wedding-collage-021916acThis Florida wedding immediately caught our eye with the extravagant floral designs by Hutchinson’s. The lush floral bouquets in tall glass vases are literally everywhere you look! They are absolutely stunning and we just can’t take our eyes off them. We are especially in love with the ceremony hall at John’s Island Private Club in Vero Beach, complete with gold, blush, and green accents. The color palette, flowers, and candles are all perfectly combined to create a cozy and romantic air for this beautiful Florida wedding. We also love the simple, yet incredibly delightful four-tier cake, also adorned with pink and gold accents. You can find vases with exotic fish and seashell ornaments throughout the reception area, as well as on the wedding cake itself! This wedding truly aimed to bring out a little bit of Florida to life, and we have to say that they did a spectacular job. Take a look at the sweet moments shared by Vitalic Photo!


Florida-wedding-1.2-021916ac Florida-wedding-1.3-021916ac Florida-wedding-2-021916ac Florida-wedding-2.1-021916ac Florida-wedding-3-021916ac Florida-wedding-3.2-021916ac Florida-wedding-3.3-021916ac Florida-wedding-4-021916ac Florida-wedding-4.1-021916ac Florida-wedding-4.2-021916ac Florida-wedding-4.3-021916ac Florida-wedding-4.4-021916ac Florida-wedding-5-021916ac Florida-wedding-6-021916ac Florida-wedding-7-021916ac Florida-wedding-8-021916ac Florida-wedding-8.1-021916ac Florida-wedding-8.2-021916ac Florida-wedding-8.3-021916ac Florida-wedding-9-021916ac Florida-wedding-10-021916ac Florida-wedding-11-021916ac Florida-wedding-12-021916ac Florida-wedding-14-021916ac Florida-wedding-15-021916ac Florida-wedding-16-021916ac Florida-wedding-17-021916ac Florida-wedding-18-021916ac Florida-wedding-18.1-021916ac Florida-wedding-18.3-021916ac Florida-wedding-19-021916ac Florida-wedding-22-021916ac Florida-wedding-23-021916ac Florida-wedding-24-021916ac Florida-wedding-26-021916ac Florida-wedding-27-021916ac Florida-wedding-28-021916ac Florida-wedding-28.1-021916ac Florida-wedding-29-021916ac

Photography: Vitalic Photo | Venue: John’s Island Private Club | Band: Celebrity All-Star Band | Flowers: Hutchinson’s | Hair: Lindsay Naffziger | Make-Up: Cindy Goetz | Invitations: Nico & Lala