Lihi Hod Wedding Dresses with Sophisticated Glamour

These Lihi Hod wedding dresses are fresh and trendy, and full of glamour for the modern bride. The artistic details add a beautiful luxury vibe that are matched by a feminine old Hollywood style. This Israeli designer has shown us exquisite free-spirited wedding dresses that we can’t look away from! Look below for this eye-catching bridal inspiration.

Photos: Courtesy of Lihi Hod

lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-1-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-2-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-3-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-4-02052016-km For ultimate feminity, this Lihi Hod dress stuns with embellished beads that form an intricate pattern, and a plunging back V design. The subtle V-neckline pairs elegantly with a jewel-embellished waistline accessory, making such a flattering and vintage-inspired look!lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-5-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-6-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-7-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-8-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-9-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-10-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-11-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-12-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-13-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-14-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-15-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-16-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-17-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-18-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-19-02052016-km There’s so much to see in this stunning masterpiece. Lihi Hod wedding dresses mix it up with unique silhouettes, and this flowing trumpet skirt is one of a kind! The bow sleeves are an adorable touch to contrast the sexy neckline that really shines. The patterns and unique elements of this gown radiate with epic creativity!lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-20-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-21-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-22-02052016-km lihi-hod-wedding-dresses-23-02052016-km

We’ve seen close-ups, necklines and back designs with breathtakingly sophisticated details. The vintage elements combined with the chic and modern details keep these charming Lihi Hod wedding dresses so intriguing!{"url":"","count":80})