Mother of the Bride Dresses: Montage by Mon Cheri 2016


We are absolutely in love with these special occasion lines by Mon Cheri, Montage by Mon Cheri and Cameron Blake! Do we dare to say that these are the leaders of Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dress collections? Award-winning designer, Ivonne Dome, created these lines with the sophisticated, fashion-forward mother in mind and it’s no exaggeration when we say that every piece is just stunning. We are always big fans of versatility, and Montage by Mon Cheri and Cameron Blake do not disappoint with their varying styles, fits, and designs. We love the incredible detailing that went into every piece, and many even come with available matching jackets or shawls for the ultimate versatility. Whether you are looking for a more traditional fit or one with a modern twist, Montage by Mon Cheri and Cameron Blake are guaranteed to offer the sophistication and elegance that you are looking for.

Photos: Courtesy of Mon Cheri

montage-by-mon-cheri-1-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-2-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-3-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-4-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-5-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-6-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-7-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-8-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-9-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-10-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-11-022116mc

There is a wide selection of full-length and tea-length dress suits, elegant ball gowns, and chic formal dress sets that can really be worn for either formal or informal occasions. Whether you’re looking for a more conservative style or for a little more glam, these dresses have it. Essentially, what we are trying to say is that Montage by Mon Cheri and Cameron Blake is the answer!

montage-by-mon-cheri-12-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-13-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-14-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-15-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-16-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-17-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-18-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-19-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-20-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-21-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-22-022116mc

Ivonne Dome says, “There’s something about wearing a gorgeous social occasion gown or suit that allows a woman to live out her most glamorous fantasies.”

montage-by-mon-cheri-23-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-24-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-25-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-26-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-27-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-28-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-29-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-30-022116mc

These beautiful collections offer a wide range of styles in silk chiffon, silky crepe, taffeta, lace, shantung, satin, and organza. There is a gown for every personal preference when it comes to color, cut, and design.

montage-by-mon-cheri-31-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-32-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-33-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-34-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-35-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-36-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-37-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-38-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-39-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-40-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-41-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-42-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-43-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-44-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-45-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-46-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-47-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-48-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-49-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-50-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-51-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-52-022116mc montage-by-mon-cheri-53-022116mc

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