The Prettiest Wedding Bouquets with Elegant Colors

The prettiest wedding bouquets always have flawless colors, elegant design and stunning standout elements. Today’s floral designs feature gorgeous pinks, purples and whites that are perfect to make any bride feel like a glamorous princess walking down the aisle. Scroll below to get a glimpse of the totally inspiring wedding bouquets that we can’t tear our eyes away from!

wedding-bouquets-1-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Justin Marantz via Mon Cheri Bridalwedding-bouquets-2-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Justin Marantz via Mon Cheri Bridalwedding-bouquets-3-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Brooke Images via Mon Cheri Bridals

These vivid pops of pink are seriously striking! Wedding bouquets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures and colors, but some of these pink and white assortments are the dreamiest flowers we’ve ever seen.

wedding-bouquets-4-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Anna Delores Photographywedding-bouquets-5-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Erin Gilmore Photographywedding-bouquets-6-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Jessamyn Harris Photography via Belle the Magazinewedding-bouquets-7-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Lindsay Madden Photographywedding-bouquets-8-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Alixann Loosle Photography

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wedding-bouquets-9-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Amanda Scott Photography

Wedding bouquets with a wide variety of different flowers always takes the cake! The contrast and sizes and colors looks whimsical and elegant, and always perfect for the fun and lively bride!

wedding-bouquets-11-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Chris and Kristen Photography via Mon Cheri Bridalswedding-bouquets-12-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Sugar and Soul Photography via Style Me Prettywedding-bouquets-13-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Next Exit Photography via Mon Cheri Bridalswedding-bouquets-14-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Katherine Salvatori

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wedding-bouquets-16-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Captured Photography by Jenny via Belle the Magazinewedding-bouquets-17-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Tomayia Colvin Photography via Munaluchi Bridalwedding-bouquets-18-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Dapper Images via Belle the Magazine
wedding-bouquets-20-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Dave Robbins Photography via The Wedding Scoop

This lovely inspiration of wedding bouquets wouldn’t be complete without some refreshingly elegant anemone flowers. These gorgeous flowers excel in contrasting bright white with a darker color, making them really stand out with such beauty.

wedding-bouquets-21-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Wayne and Angela Photographers
wedding-bouquets-23-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Braedon Flynn Photographywedding-bouquets-24-12022015-km Featured Photographer: Jennifer Bearden Photographywedding-bouquets-25-12022015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jessamyn Harris Photography via Belle the Magazine

These mind-blowing wedding bouquets are overwhelming with beautiful details. Whether it’s vibrant colors or soft pastels, as long as you choose romantic and passionate floral designs then your elegant wedding bouquet will always come out on top!{"url":"","count":1139})