Wedding Cake Etiquette: Where Should it be Placed and When to Cut The Cake


The wedding cake is usually displayed from the beginning of the reception, near the dance floor or where the bridal party sits, just make sure it’s in full sight of your guests so they can view and admire it. The wedding cake cutting ceremony should be done early in the evening. The couple cuts the cake together, and it is then wheeled into the kitchen and plated while guests are having their formal dinner. It’s served as dessert, after the main course, with coffee.

Daily Wedding Cake Inspiration

wedding-cakes-1-02152016-km Featured Cake: Jar Cakerywedding-cakes-2-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Nicole Berrett Photography
wedding-cakes-3-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Ashley Caroline Photographywedding-cakes-4-02152016-km Featured Photographer: JessaKae Photography | Featured Cake: Pippa Cakery via Brideswedding-cakes-5-02152016-km Featured Photographer: KT Merry Photography | Featured Cake: Perfect Endings via Style Me Prettywedding-cakes-6-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Sweet Events Photography | Featured Cake: Magnolia Kitchen via Style Me Prettywedding-cakes-7-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Julie Paisley Photography | Featured Cake: Whisk Bakery via Style Me Prettywedding-cakes-8-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Untamed Heart Photography | Featured Floral Design: Belle Fiori via Style Me Prettywedding-cakes-9-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Michelle Warren Photographywedding-cakes-10-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Person Killian Photographywedding-cakes-11-02152016-km Featured Cake: Bake Me a Cakewedding-cakes-12-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Bryan Miller Photographywedding-cakes-13-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Oldani Photographywedding-cakes-14-02152016-km Featured Cake: Greg Marsh Designer Cakeswedding-cakes-15-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Greg Hoskins Photographywedding-cakes-16-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Erin Johnson Photographerwedding-cakes-17-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Matt Wood Photographywedding-cakes-18-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Jonathan David Studioswedding-cakes-19-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Sweet Tea Photographywedding-cakes-20-02152016-km Featured Cake: Jar Cakerywedding-cakes-21-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Sherry Hammonds Photographywedding-cakes-22-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Casual Candids Photographywedding-cakes-23-02152016-km Featured Photographer: JSP Studiowedding-cakes-24-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Clane Gessel Photographywedding-cakes-25-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Kristin Griffin Photographywedding-cakes-26-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Nicolette Moku Photographywedding-cakes-27-02152016-km Featured Photographer: Amanda May Photographywedding-cakes-28-02152016-kmFeatured Photographer: A Perfect Day Photography

That was some seriously delicious-looking wedding cake inspiration! With flawless floral designs and unique patterns, these wedding cakes are ready to be adored by any bride.{"url":"","count":36})