Creative Wedding Cakes with Chic Details

These creatively beautiful wedding cakes are extra special with intricate designs and colorful details!  There are adorably crafted cakes from Lael Cakes and a beautiful collection of other elegant cakes that are nothing short of inspirational. See the beauty for yourself and scroll below for these overly tempting, eye-catching wedding cakes!

wedding-cakes-2-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Brklyn View Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakes

wedding-cakes-5-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Allan Zepeda | Featured Cake: Lael Cakes
wedding-cakes-9-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Jen Huang Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-10-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Jen Huang Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-11-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Jen Huang Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakes
wedding-cakes-13-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Jen Huang Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-14-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Jen Huang Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-15-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Jen Huang Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakeswedding-cakes-16-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Old South Weddingswedding-cakes-17-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Cory Ryan Photographywedding-cakes-18-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Kacy Jahanbini Photography
wedding-cakes-20-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Binaryflips Photographywedding-cakes-21-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Wild Bloom Photographywedding-cakes-22-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Amanda Megan Miller Photographywedding-cakes-23-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Noble Photographywedding-cakes-24-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Mylife Photographywedding-cakes-25-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Sofia Negron Photographywedding-cakes-26-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Ryan Jensen Photography | Featured Cake: Lael Cakes
wedding-cakes-28-02192016-kmFeatured Photographer: Christian Oth Studio | Featured Cake: Lael Cakes

Don’t these amazing wedding cakes look spectacular? The temptation is too real right now and our mouths are still watering from this fit-for-the-gods decadence. These sophisticated wedding cakes are something to celebrate!{"url":"","count":1653})