Giveaway: Hand Drawn Custom Portrait From Grace Portraits


Can you remember the last time you received a gift so special that it brought tears to your eyes? Enter Grace Portraits, and you’ll have the opportunity to share a heart-felt moment with your loved ones! Whether you’d like to gift your spouse with a portrait from your wedding day, or want to turn your engagement photos into portraits for display, Grace Portraits has something for everyone. They offer a unique approach to gift giving, with hand-drawn portraits that turn memories into lifelong, cherished works of art. We are happy to announce that Grace Portraits will be gifting one MODwedding reader the chance to win a small 11×14 custom Grace Portrait ($300 value)!

All you have to do is drop your email here!


Every portrait is unique and 100% hand-drawn in the United States by local artists in the Bay Area. An incredible amount of attention and detail goes into each individual portrait, and they are all beautifully packaged with monogrammed wrapping and a personal note from the artist. Not only that, but Grace Portraits also includes custom monogrammed stationery of a print of your portrait — how special is that?

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Grace Portraits allows you to turn your wedding day into an eternal hand-drawn memory, but can also help you celebrate all the other wonderful aspects of life, including pets, architecture, and family portraits. Enter here!

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There isn’t a more unique and powerful gift like a custom drawn Grace Portrait to help you celebrate the loved ones in your life. Whether you’re looking for artwork to display at your wedding, or a special gift for family or friends, you can win your very own small 11×14 custom Grace Portrait by entering our giveaway! Contest ends Sunday, March 20, 2016.

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