Best Man Duties in Detail

You’ve been by his side through all the ups and downs. This wedding won’t be any different as you support the groom in making one of the biggest moves of his life. Here’s everything you should know about being a best man.

1. During the Wedding Planning:

  • Help the groom choose and rent (or buy) wedding formalwear.
  • Coordinate the other groomsmen’s rentals and fittings.
  • Host a bachelor party for the groom with the help of groomsmen.
  • Help out-of-town groomsmen with travel accommodations.
  • Communicate any changes in scheduling with the groomsmen.
2. At the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner:
  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Give a toast to the couple after the groom’s father (if the groom’s parents have paid for the dinner).
3. On the Wedding Day Before the Ceremony:
  • Help the groom get dressed.
  • Coordinate any vendor payments/tips for the wedding officiate, musicians, and other participants if needed. Have the groom seal each payment in envelopes with the recipients’ names labeled on the outside.
  • In charge of keeping one or both wedding rings until they are exchanged during the ceremony.
  • Make sure the groom has the marriage license in his possession.
4. During the Ceremony:
  • Make sure all groomsmen have arrived on time, are dress properly, and available to assist with seating guests (if ushering).
  • Check to make sure each groomsman is wearing his boutonniere (if applicable) and that it is attached properly. If needed, ask the florist or wedding coordinator for help.
  • Check with the ring-bearer and his/her parents to make sure the child knows exactly what to do and where to go.
  • Stand by the groom’s side while waiting for the ceremony to begin.
  • When it’s time, give the groom the ring(s) if there is no ring bearer.
  • When the ceremony ends, escort the maid of honor down the aisle.
5. After the Ceremony:
  • On the groom’s behalf, make sure the wedding officiate receives his/her fee in a sealed envelope just after the ceremony.
  • As an official witness, sign the marriage license.
  • Help drive the couple to the reception, if needed.
6. At the Wedding Reception:
  • Act as a host by welcoming guests, socializing, and making introductions.
  • When the reception begins, you may be announced with the maid of honor.
  • Give a heartfelt toast to the bride and groom during the reception.
  • Hit the dance floor during the reception.
  • Collect gift envelopes from guests on behalf of the couple. If asked, deposit any monetary gifts into the couple’s bank account or keep the gifts until the couple returns from their honeymoon.
  • Along with the groomsmen and bridesmaids, decorate the getaway car (if needed).

Follow this checklist from start to finish and you’ll be a stellar best man! On the wedding day, just remember to be a gentleman and help create a warm and welcoming vibe. Do these things, and the groom will forever be grateful for your presence on his special day.

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