Top 5 Things to Consider When Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

After you get engaged, finding your dream wedding venue will be one of the first things to do. After that, all the other wedding day details (color, style, decor, vendors etc.) should fall right into place. Wondering what you should look for in the perfect wedding venue? Here are a few important questions to consider!

1. How many wedding guests do you want to invite, and how mobile are your guests?

  • Are you envisioning a huge wedding or a small, intimate affair? Your response could determine the wedding location you choose. Why? Because the wedding is about your guests just as much as it’s about you and your fiancé. If many of your friends have small children, is it really reasonable to request their presence at an Italy wedding on off the Amalfi coast? If some relatives are elderly, can you expect them to partake in a beach bash? Though you won’t be able to please everyone, consider making a few compromises if it means your loves ones will attend.

2. Driving and traffic considerations for your wedding guests

  • Some guests may travel far distances by car to attend your wedding. A car drive of two or more hours, an overnight stay may be necessary. In that case, you may be limited to having a Saturday evening wedding since your beloved guests won’t be able to spend hours on the road during the week.
  • If your wedding will happen on a Friday evening, consider those who are commuters, especially if you’re thinking of a venue in an area with heavy rush-hour traffic.
3. What are the most important elements of your dream wedding?
  • What kind of wedding do you envision? Do you prefer a formal or informal celebration? Traditional or modern? Daytime or nighttime? Indoors or outdoors? You can really narrow your search for the perfect location by identifying the most important elements of your dream wedding before you even start looking.
4. How much work are you willing to take on?

Certain locations may require you to do more heavy lifting than others. Before you commit to a venue that will require too many DIY tasks, weigh the pros and cons of these settings:

  • A Unique Venue: You may have your mind set on a remote private estate wedding with brilliant string lights and luxury draping. But who’s going to string those lights, bring in the tables, and set up the drapery? There’s also unexpected weather circumstances to consider. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, have a backup plan in case it rains. Yes, this means twice as much work, but it’s necessary!
  • A Reception Hall: The location may have a one-size-fits-all feel, but the venue is probably well equipped and staff members are usually able to handle all the dirty work, which may include the setup and breakdown of your party.
5. Would you prefer a religious ceremony?
  • Most traditional religious ceremonies will happen in a place of worship, so be sure to coordinate with your officiate first. In this case, reserve the date with your place of worship before you book your reception venue. Also, keep in mind that some religious establishments may not allow extravagant decor and flowers as well as provocative dresses. Be sure to inquire about these details upfront.
  • If you and your fiancé don’t share the same religious beliefs, or organized religion is not a factor in your lives, but you plan to add a spiritual touch, consider having your ceremony at a neutral location, like a nice hotel with a ceremony space or a beach or a park ( just be sure to ask about a permit, if necessary). Discuss this decision with your families early on in the process.

Once you have answers to these crucial questions, you can move forth and select a wedding location you will love and cherish. Just take the time to identity elements that mean the most to you and your fiancé, then everything else will fall in order just as it should.

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