Bridal Shower Planning: Things to Do and Helpful Tips

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If you’re the maid-of-honor or a close family member, you may be tasked with planning the infamous bridal shower. Here’s your chance to put on a sweet event for the bride-to-be to celebrate the next big chapter of her life. Here are all the important elements you’ll need to host the best bridal shower ever!

Things to Do

1. Venue

Most of the time, bridal showers are celebrated at the host’s home. However, if your residence isn’t suitable for a party or it makes more sense to have the party somewhere else, consider renting out a room at a restaurant or holding it at a country club.

2. Theme

Every bridal shower needs a cohesive theme! There is no limit to the fun ideas you can incorporate, but they should match the bride’s interests and taste. For example, if she loves sweets, opt for a candy factory theme, or if she’s always wanted to travel to Paris, serve French food and wine.

3. Guest List

The bridal shower guest list will typically include the bridal party, close female friends and relatives. All shower guests should be invited to the wedding, but that doesn’t mean everyone who’s invited to the wedding has to attend the bridal shower.

4. Invitations

Give bridal shower guests advanced notice about the shower date so they have enough time to plan ahead and make travel arrangements. An ideal time frame to send invitations is about 6-8 weeks before the bridal shower.

5. Decorations

Festive décor is a must! You can include unique plates, glamorous banners, or sweet photos of the couple. Again, just make sure the decor is cohesive and matches the party theme.

6. Food and Drink

Whether you choose finger foods or a full meal, there’s no general rule about the type of food you should serve. But if the bride likes breakfast the most, consider a brunch bridal shower. Is she’s an Italian food lover? Serve yummy pasta with Italian wine. If you know what the bride loves to eat, then creating the menu should be easy.

7. Fashion

Because a bridal shower is typically a fancier event, we suggest dressing up. Soft colors, stylish patterns, and flattering silhouettes are all perfect styles to wear. Lean on the feminine vibe of the event, and wear something chic and elegant!

8. Games

As a host, it’s your job to keep everyone entertained! There are so many game ideas to play. For example, you can offer a bridal-inspired crossword puzzle or bridal bingo for board gamers.

9. Music Playlist

This event will definitely need background music. Select songs that are upbeat and fit well with the vibe of the party. Throw in some of the bride’s favorite songs and artists she and her fiancé love.

10. Gift Registry and Party Favors

Typically, guests will select gifts for the bride from her registry. In this case, it’s important that she’s completed her registry weeks before the bridal shower so you can mention the registry on the shower invitation.

When it comes to favors, give out small gifts for guests as a thank you for participating! Anything from nail polish to yummy desserts are good gifts.{"url":"","count":209})


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