The Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

As a maid of honor or bridesmaid, you may be asked to pull together a bridal shower for the bride to be. Not exactly sure where to begin? Well, here’s a simple checklist outlining all the steps you’ll need to take toward creating a beautiful and exciting bridal shower party!

  1. Select a date: Ideally, bridal showers are held about two weeks to two months prior to the wedding. The earlier the event, the better.
  2. Discuss with the bridesmaids to determine a budget: As a rule, bridal shower guests should never be expected to pay for their meal.
  3. Ask the bride for a guest list: As the host, you should set the number of guests you’re comfortable inviting. However, anyone you invite to the shower should also be invited to the wedding.
  4. Decide on a theme: The theme should match the bride’s interests and taste.
  5. Pick the location: Go with a nearby venue or your own home.
  6. Buy or make an invitation: If the bridal shower will be a surprise, be sure to mention that on the invitation. Also, it’s a good idea to include shower registry information on the invitations as well.
Four to Six Weeks Before the Shower
  1. Send shower invitations: Make sure you include directions to the party and shower registry!
  2. Decide on flowers, decorations and centerpieces: Party décor should be cohesive and should complement the party’s theme.
  3. Order tables, chairs, linens, and other rentals if needed.
  4. Create a menu: If you know the bride’s favorite cuisine, putting together a menu will be a no brainer!
  5. Purchase party favors for the guests, food prep/serving items, and other party props.
  6. Prepare shower games and activities.
  7. Assign tasks and DIY projects to bridesmaids: You may need to assemble and/or gift-wrap party favors.
The Week of the Shower
  1. Buy a bridal shower gift for the bride. As a rule of thumb, spend $30 to $50 on a gift.
  2. Follow up with guests who have yet to reply.
  3. Purchase food and prepare a schedule for making food, if needed.
  4. Confirm reservations, orders, and delivery times, if any.
One Day Before the Shower
  1. Follow up with the bridesmaids: Verify who’s bringing what, and ask them to arrive early to help set up.
  2. Prepare menu items that can be made beforehand (or just do the prep work).
  3. Set up decorations, tables, food and drink serving areas, if the shower is hosted at home.
Day of the Shower
  1. Make sure the house or venue is clean.
  2. Decorate the party space.
  3. Set out drinks and food.
  4. Create a space for the gift opening: Under the guest of honor’s chair, place scissors, large trash bags, a notebook and a pen (to record gifts and their givers) etc.
  5. Prepare the games and activities.
  6. Have fun at the party!

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