Spring 2017 Amsale Bridesmaids Collection


We are so excited to share the Spring 2017 Amsale Bridesmaids Collection, which shimmers with femininity in a modern mood. As an elegant bride walking down the aisle, what’s better than having a row of stunning bridesmaids stand by your side as you say “I do?” This collection features an array of colors, from delicate pastels to rich jewel tones in gorgeous tulle, chiffon, and sequined fabrics–perfect for mixing and matching! When it comes to classic elegance with a modern twist, this Amsale Bridesmaids Collection is exactly what we recommend for your favorite girls to complement your perfect look.

Photos: Courtesy of Amsale

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The Spring 2017 Amsale Bridesmaids Collection is perfect for any bridal party looking for feminine and fashion forward designs, ranging from glimmering sequins to rich jewel tones to an array of flattering necklines.

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