Russia Wedding: Romantic Rose Garden

Russia-wedding-collage-060516mcWe’ve fallen in love! This stunning rose garden Russia wedding is fulfilling all of our wedding fantasies. For the girl who loves all things pink, there couldn’t be a more perfect setup as this one. We’re swooning over this stunning bride’s floral garden canopy. How romantic is this design with the roses and chandeliers? And the glamour continues throughout the reception and ceremony. This Russia wedding was flawlessly captured by Sonya Khegay — we’re totally in love with every capture and thanks to these photos, we now have the perfect wedding to draw inspiration from!Russia-wedding-1-060516mc Russia-wedding-2-060516mc Russia-wedding-3-060516mc Russia-wedding-4-060516mc Russia-wedding-5-060516mc Russia-wedding-6-060516mc Russia-wedding-7-060516mc Russia-wedding-8-060516mc Russia-wedding-9-060516mc Russia-wedding-10-060516mc Russia-wedding-11-060516mc Russia-wedding-12-060516mc Russia-wedding-13-060516mc Russia-wedding-14-060516mc Russia-wedding-15-060516mc Russia-wedding-16-060516mc Russia-wedding-17-060516mc Russia-wedding-18-060516mc Russia-wedding-19-060516mc Russia-wedding-20-060516mc Russia-wedding-21-060516mc Russia-wedding-22-060516mc Russia-wedding-23-060516mc Russia-wedding-24-060516mc Russia-wedding-25-060516mc Russia-wedding-26-060516mc Russia-wedding-27-060516mc Russia-wedding-28-060516mc Russia-wedding-29-060516mc Russia-wedding-30-060516mc Russia-wedding-31-060516mc Russia-wedding-32-060516mc Russia-wedding-33-060516mc Russia-wedding-34-060516mc Russia-wedding-35-060516mc

Photography: Sonya Khegay | Wedding Planner and Event Design: Ajur Wedding | Wedding Decor: Julia Shackirova | Wedding Bouquet: Decorate Your Life | Hair and Makeup: Olga Chursina | Stationery: Special Invite | Wedding Shoes: Charlotte Olympia | Wedding Dress: Reem Acra | Grooms Attire: Castello d’Oro | Venue: Agalarov Estate, Moscow, Russia{"url":"","count":7612})