Key Questions to Ask Your Wedding Transportation Company Before You Book It

Just like most of the major wedding planning elements, wedding transportation requires an agreement. Before signing the contract, you’ll want to compare your options and select the company with the most professionalism, the best cars that suit your style preference, and an excellent track record. Use a chart to compare quotes and amenities for at least 3 different transportation companies. Among other questions listed below, you’ll want to capture the address, name of your contact person, his/her email address and phone number.

Here is a guide of all the key questions to ask before signing the deal.

  1. What type of cars/limousines/vehicles are available?
  2. How many passengers can the vehicles(s) comfortably accommodate?
  3. Is there a minimum number of hours required?
  4. What is the total fee? Will gratuity be included?
  5. What amenities does that rate include?
  6. How many hours does that rate include?
  7. If the rate is hourly, when does the clock start–when the drive leaves the base or when passengers are picked up?
  8. How do overtime charges work?
  9. What are the charges for any additional amenities (champagne, TV, etc.)?
  10. In what year were the vehicles made?
  11. Can we see the vehicles before signing the contract?
  12. How long have our drivers been with your company? And what are their driving records?
  13. Are our drivers familiar with the area?
  14. What is the required attire for each driver?
  15. Do you have liability insurance?
  16. How much of a deposit is required?
  17. When is the remaining balance due?
  18. What is your policy for cancellations?
  19. Do you have references?

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