2017 Bridal Trends We Love From Morilee by Madeline Gardner

morilee-by-madeline-gardner-collage-112716mcIn case you missed the epic Spring 2017 Morilee by Madeline Gardner runway show, we’ve got you covered: watch it here. In her fabulous Dress Come True collection, there are two major bridal trends that Madeline Gardner emphasized: blush dresses and floral details. No matter what silhouette or style you’re going for, these are two trends that you’ll want to consider for your big day. See some of our favorite styles we picked for you below!

Blush Wedding Dresses

Break away from the traditional white wedding gown by adding some color and personality to your look! Blush wedding dresses are all the rave right now. They’re feminine, romantic and seriously chic. Madeline Gardner really emphasized this trend through her Spring 2017 collection and we’re completely in love!

morilee-by-madeline-gardner-1-112716mcStyle: 8101morilee-by-madeline-gardner-2-112716mcStyle: 8101morilee-by-madeline-gardner-3-112716mcStyle: 8105morilee-by-madeline-gardner-4-112716mcStyle: 8110morilee-by-madeline-gardner-5-112716mcStyle: 8110morilee-by-madeline-gardner-6-112716mcStyle: 8111morilee-by-madeline-gardner-7-112716mcStyle: 8111morilee-by-madeline-gardner-8-112716mcStyle: 8116morilee-by-madeline-gardner-9-112716mcStyle: 8118morilee-by-madeline-gardner-10-112716mcStyle: 8126morilee-by-madeline-gardner-11-112716mcStyle: 8127morilee-by-madeline-gardner-12-112716mcStyle: 8127

Wedding Dresses with Floral Details

This is a trend we hope never goes away! If you didn’t know by now, we have a serious obsession with florals. From floral lace to 3D floral appliques, we’re loving the feminine touch this trend adds to these gowns. To top it off, why not add a flower crown as your finishing touch?

morilee-by-madeline-gardner-13-112716mcStyle: 5512morilee-by-madeline-gardner-14-112716mcStyle: 5512morilee-by-madeline-gardner-15-112716mcStyle: 5510morilee-by-madeline-gardner-16-112716mcStyle: 5510morilee-by-madeline-gardner-17-112716mcStyle: 5509morilee-by-madeline-gardner-18-112716mcStyle: 5508morilee-by-madeline-gardner-19-112716mcStyle: 5508morilee-by-madeline-gardner-20-112716mcStyle: 5502morilee-by-madeline-gardner-21-112716mcStyle: 5515morilee-by-madeline-gardner-22-112716mcStyle: 5515morilee-by-madeline-gardner-23-112716mcStyle: 6856morilee-by-madeline-gardner-24-112716mcStyle: 6856

As you begin your search for the perfect wedding dress, we wanted to make sure you were aware of these two fabulous trends. Whether you’re tying the knot with a casual beach destination wedding or a glamorous ballroom wedding, these beautiful wedding dresses will be sure to make a lasting impression for years to come.

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