2017 Wedding Invitation Trends You Need To Know

wedding-invitation-collage-112016mcOne of our favorite details about weddings are the wedding invitations! It’s the first impression you make to show your guests a glimpse into your wedding style and color scheme, so we think it’s extremely important to choose a design that speaks to you. Our friends at Basic Invite have some of the cutest designs and they’ve shared four note-worthy wedding invitation trends to consider for your 2017 wedding!

Foil Wedding Invitations

If you want a touch a glamour in your stationery, foil wedding invitations offer just that. Basic Invite offers customizable foil invite where you can pick and choose exactly which part(s) of the card you want to be in foil. Best of all? You can preview it in real-time.


Real Wood Wedding Invitations

Made out of real wood, this style is a new addition to Basic Invite’s large selection of unique styles. With the white ink printing, these invitations feel rustically chic and elegantly earthy.


Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pocket wedding invitations are timeless. Particularly useful when enclosing multiple cards, this popular design is always an elegant choice for any wedding style.


Typography Designs

Typography designs have become increasingly popular over the years and continue to be a strong trend for 2017. With the variety of designs and fonts, and the option to customize your colors and text, you can create the invitation set of your dreams.


As every couple is unique, we think wedding invitations should be too! As it’s the first impression for your wedding, the invites should be a solid representation of your style. We love the custom experience Basic Invite offers at the ease of your fingertips.

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