The Bachelorette Party Planning: Things to Do and Helpful Tips

Maid of honor, are you ready to get the party started? Here is a bachelorette party planning checklist to guide you and the rest of the bridesmaids as you prepare for this epic evening of fun.

1. Set the date

Sit down with the bride and have her decide on the best time to have that infamous night with the girls. It is typical to set the date close to the wedding date itself—aim for two months to one to two weeks prior to the wedding.

2. Draft an invitation list

Don’t make this an open party: avoid authoritative figures that will bring stress to the guests. The party should be a private fun event among great friends where everyone can let their hair down and relax.

Instead, have the bride-to-be determine the people with whom she wants to spend her to spend her last girls night before becoming a Mrs.

3. Determine the budget

The entire party should chat and agree on how much everyone is willing to contribute. The budget should include possible travel, hotel, and entertainment expenses. Be courteous of everyone’s financial comfort level to avoid anyone feeling forced or financially strained; it’s hard to have a wonderful time while dealing with drama.

4. Decide on a location

The budget will influence the city you choose to have the bachelorette party. A tighter budget means you may have to pick a close-to-home destination while a bigger budget leaves room for lavish excursions. Whether you pick a fabulous destination or a close-to-home location, be innovative and select a spot you know the bride will love!

5. Choose a theme

It’s important to have a theme for the bachelorette party to determine not only the attire but also the mood and the activities that will take place: pamper parties, breakfast at Tiffany’s, a beach hideaway, etc.

Regardless of the theme, it’s always a great idea to have matching attire, party accessories, and creative goodies that could serve as memorabilia from your fabulous party.

6. Create an itinerary

Though we call it an “itinerary,” others refer to it as the “agenda,” “event plans,” etc. Basically, you need to have a clear vision of the things you want to do within your budget. With a set itinerary, you can make sure you set reservations in time and that your group stays together for the entire evening. You will need reservations to get into the most popular venues and top-notch restaurants.

7. Major Elements to Consider When Creating an Itinerary

Lodging: Decide where you want to stay. From individual rooms to luxury penthouse suites, figure it out and make reservations in advance to get the best rates.

• Transportation: Limo, car rental, Uber, city bikes—some destinations will most certainly determine your transportation needs. Others will allow you to choose a method that best suits your party.

• Food and drinks: Think about what type of cuisine compliments the theme or what foods you know the bride will love. Either way, this is an element that should certainly be hashed out beforehand.

Entertainment: Whatever interests you, organize the plans before the party day. Focus your search on city passes, special group discounts, etc.

Hopefully, this bachelorette party planning checklist will set you on the right path toward creating a glorious event the bride-to-be will absolutely love! If you only remember one thing from this guide, make sure the party remains about the bride-to-be and not about you, the organizer.{"url":"","count":8})


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