Bridesmaid Gifts For Your Favorite Squad

bridesmaid-gifts-collage-112816mc‘Tis the season for engagements! And you know what that means–choosing your bride tribe to stand by your side! There are a few key components that make for an Instagram-worthy bridesmaid gift box: super cute stationery, something sentimental, and something pretty. Not sure where to start? Worry not–we’ve gathered some amazing bridesmaid gifts from some of our favorite brands. Trust us, they’re ‘gram-worthy.

Firefly Paper Studio Bridal Party Cards

First things first. Whether you’re about to ask your besties to join your tribe or you’re thanking them for everything they’ve done, you’ll need a fabulous card to help you express your sentiments. Firefly Paper Studio specializes in stylish bridal party cards that are high quality and eco-friendly. With designs as cute as these below, how could anyone say no?

bridesmaid-gifts-1-112816mcFeatured: Firefly Paper Studiobridesmaid-gifts-2-112816mcFeatured: Firefly Paper Studiobridesmaid-gifts-3-112816mcFeatured: Firefly Paper Studiobridesmaid-gifts-4-112816mcFeatured: Firefly Paper Studiobridesmaid-gifts-5-112816mcFeatured: Firefly Paper Studio

Swell Forever Personalized Blankets

Not only are these Swell Forever throws chic, soft and made in the USA, they’re the perfect bridesmaid gifts! With options to include monograms, your wedding logo and a custom message tag (included in every blanket), it’s a practical gift that also has a lot of sentiment. Better yet, it’s the gift that keeps giving — every blanket purchased helps foster children through Foster Swell Inc.

bridesmaid-gifts-6-112816mcFeatured: Swell Foreverbridesmaid-gifts-7-112816mcFeatured: Swell Foreverbridesmaid-gifts-8-112816mcFeatured: Swell Foreverbridesmaid-gifts-9-112816mcFeatured: Swell Foreverbridesmaid-gifts-10-112816mcFeatured: Swell Forever

The Painted Press Jewelry and Jewelry Dishes

A popular bridesmaid gift idea is gifting your girls with jewelry they can wear on your wedding day. Now add in a beautiful personalized jewelry dish and you’ll officially be the Bride of the Year. We’re crazy about these high-quality jewelry dishes and accessories from The Painted Press! Each dish is one of a kind as they’re all hand-molded, hand-stamped and hand-painted individually. Your title awaits…

bridesmaid-gifts-11-112816mcFeatured: The Painted Pressbridesmaid-gifts-12-112816mcFeatured: The Painted Pressbridesmaid-gifts-13-112816mcFeatured: The Painted Pressbridesmaid-gifts-14-112816mcFeatured: The Painted Pressbridesmaid-gifts-15-112816mcFeatured: The Painted Press

Other Gifts We Love

bridesmaid-gifts-18-112816mcImage: Bling Badda Boombridesmaid-gifts-16-112816mcImage: BKRbridesmaid-gifts-17-112816mcImage: BHLDN

Albeit every bridesmaid will have unique taste, these bridesmaid gifts will not disappoint. Pick one from each category, assemble them into a cute box and get ready to be the Bride of the Year! We think you deserve the title just as much as your bridesmaids deserve these gifts.{"url":"","count":32})