Key Questions to Ask Your Wedding Reception Venue Before You Book It

Finding the perfect wedding reception venue is going to be one of your top priorities in the wedding planning process.  You will have to ask the right questions when you’re conducting site visits to make sure that it fits your vision and there are no surprises later on.  Here is a comprehensive list of questions to ask the reception venue:

1. The Wedding Date
  • Is my preferred date and time available?
  • Do you hold more than one wedding on the same day? Would this interfere with our wedding?
  • Is there anything scheduled just before, or after our wedding?
  • If so, how do you ensure that they finish on time, but no one feels rushed out?
2. Payment
  • How much does it cost to rent the site? What does it include?
  • Are there any additional fees to use the other areas?
  • How much do you charge for overtime?
  • How much is the deposit and when is it due?
  • When is the remaining balance due?
  • What form of payment do you accept?
  • What is your refund and cancellation policy?
  • Does the venue have liability insurance?
3. Space
  • How many wedding guests can this space hold in general?
  • What is the capacity for a seated dinner reception? How many guests can sit at each table?
  • What is the capacity for a cocktail reception, with some tables mixed in?
  • Does the capacity change if there is a dance floor or any other addition?
  • What is the flow like if we use more than one room/area?
  • Where will cocktail hour be held?
  • Does the space have air-conditioning?
  • If the wedding is outdoors, how is the area blocked off so that other people can’t wander in and out?
  • Which areas are accessible to our guests?
  • Are any of the areas off-limits to our guests?
  • Are there rooms/spaces for the bride, groom and bridal party to get ready?
  • Do you have a room where the newly-wed could change into going-away outfits?
  • Is it possible to visit the site while another event is taking place to see how the space is set up?
4. Logistics
  • Do you have an onsite coordinator?
  • Does the coordinator or someone else accept deliveries and handle setup details?
  • Can I use my own vendors or do I have to use your preferred vendors?
  • How much time is allotted for the reception? Are there restrictions on time and length of event such as hard out time?
  • When can I start setting up?
  • If we use the site for both ceremony and reception, how long does it take to convert the space?
  • How much time do I have to clean-up after the reception?
  • Do you provide tables, chairs, linens, china, and glassware?
  • If so, are there several style options to choose from?
  • What space could be used for a band or DJ to set up? How large is the area?
  • Do you have a dance floor or does one need to be rented? Where would the dance floor be located?
  • What is the capacity of the dance floor?
  • What is the parking capacity?
  • How close is the parking to the venue’s entrance?
  • Do you offer valet parking?
  • If so, what are the rates?
  • If you don’t offer valet parking, can we hire an outside valet company?
  • How will guests be directed to the event once inside?
  • Where are the restrooms located and how many do you have?
  • If it’s outdoors, do you have space for portable restrooms?
  • Do you have a coat check? Does it require an additional fee?
  • Where could we place a gift table? Do you provide the table?
  • Are there any decorations in the venue that we could use?
  • Is there enough power or do I need to bring a generator?
  • Do you have a generator for power outages?
  • If the wedding is outdoors,what is the backup plan in case of bad weather?
  • What are the insurance requirements for the vendors I use?
  • Are there any rules or restrictions I haven’t covered that I should know about?
5. Music/Sound
  • Are there any music or noise restrictions?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets for all musical equipment?
6. Photo/Video
  • Do you have any rules and restrictions regarding photography or videography?
  • What suggestions do you have for locations to photograph?
7. Food & Drinks
  • Do you have on-site catering?
  • If not, do you offer kitchen facilities and allow an off-site caterer?
  • Do you have preferred caterers that we must use?
  • Does the venue have a liquor license to serve alcohol?
  • Do you have any rules regarding alcohol?

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