Rehearsal Dinner Planning: Things to Do and Helpful Tips

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While the groom’s parents typically take the role of planning and hosting the rehearsal dinner, nowadays, many brides get involved with the planning process themselves. Here is a guide for taking care of all the rehearsal dinner basics.

Things to do for the bride If groom’s parents are planning the event

  1. Meet with groom’s parents to discuss rehearsal dinner plans.
  2. Give the wedding reception dinner menu to the groom’s parents, to avoid having similar meals.
  3. Compile a guest list from bride’s side for rehearsal dinner.
  4. Provide groom’s parents with the contact information of guests on your list (address or phone number).
  5. Write a toast with the groom to thank the hosts and guests.
Things to do for the bride If bride herself is involved in planning the event
  1. Search and book a location.
  2. Send signed contract and deposit.
  3. Choose a dinner menu
  4. Make arrangements for decorations and music
  5. Compile guest list with addresses or phone numbers for rehearsal dinner
  6. Order invitations. 
  7. Address invitations.
  8. Send out invitations one month before the rehearsal dinner.
  9. Write a toast with the groom to thank the hosts and guests.
  10. Give a final head count to the site manager.
  11. Go over and confirm all details of the rehearsal dinner with site manager.

Rehearsal Dinner Basics

Here are some basic pieces of information that any bride and groom should know when it comes to the rehearsal dinner:

1. Hosts: Traditionally, the parents of the groom host and pay for the rehearsal dinner party. These days, however, the bride and groom’s parents can choose to throw the celebration together or the couples may even opt to host the dinner themselves.

2. Invitees: The guest list includes all members of the wedding party, immediate family members, the officiant, and all their significant others/spouses. The hosts may also choose to invite out-of-town wedding guests.

3. Style: The rehearsal dinner tends to be a bit more casual than the wedding. It’s really up to what the bride and groom want, which could range from a laid-back cookout in a backyard to a sit-down formal dinner at a restaurant.

4. Invitations: Also less formal than wedding invitations, hosts often choose to go with the do-it-yourself method instead of printing professional invitations. Making phone calls are also perfectly appropriate, if that is preferred.

5. Toasts: Typically, the hosts of the dinner and best man will toast the couple. However, any guests is free to stand and share a few words. The bride and groom should also make a toast to thank their hosts and guests for attending. The rehearsal dinner toasts are usually more casual than the wedding reception toasts, often including amusing stories involving the bride and groom.

6. Gifts: The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for the couple to present gifts to their attendants.{"url":"","count":18})


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