Should Our Wedding Favors be Ordered Per Person or Per Couple

Question: What is the common etiquette for giving out wedding favors? Is it per guest or per couple? 

Answer: This one can be a little tricky but ultimately it depends on what the favor is. If your wedding favor is something that’s on the inexpensive side like homemade treats or candy, giving one to each guest is recommended. However, if your wedding favor is on the more expensive side, it’s okay to give out one per couple. 

If you decide to give one gift per couple, that’s fine but make sure you give the singles their own gift. The last thing you want is for anyone to feel excluded. Where to place the favors can be slightly tricky but a good way to ensure each guest (or couple) gets one gift is by using place cards. Unlike table cards that just direct you to your table, place cards designate guests with an exact seat at a specific table. For couples, set the wedding favor right in the middle of their place cards so that they know it’s for both of them and for singles, simply place it right above their name card. This way, you can ensure that everyone leaves with a gift.

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