Wedding Flower Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Be sure to cover the following details before signing your wedding flower contract!

  1. Date, location, and times of your ceremony and reception.
  2. The arrival times for floral setup at both the ceremony and reception sites. If these times are not yet available, include a clause that guarantees that the flowers will be set up prior to guest arrival.
  3. What time and where bouquets and boutonnieres should be delivered. If a location for getting ready is not set, include a clause which guarantees that the flowers will be delivered before the ceremony begins.
  4. A clause stating that the florist will follow all the exact details of your most recent flower proposal.
  5. An itemized list of all the flower arrangements you’re buying, the colors and names of flowers, amounts of flowers, flowers that should not be included, and a list of items that the florist will supply (vases, trellises, and other accessories).
  6. The name of the florist who will be present during the wedding. Some florists may stay for the entire wedding, if they are also taking responsibility as the stylist or planner. If the florist is simply providing the décor, they will typically be present for setup and room changes, and then leave once the reception is fully decorated.
  7. The itemized total cost, payment policy including due dates and amounts for the deposit and remaining balance.
  8. Sales tax and rates for overtime, delivery, and setup
  9. Policy for cancellation or refund.
  10. Emergency backup plan if the florist can not make it to the wedding.

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