Wedding Photographer Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Here are some of the most common elements you can expect to find in a photography contract. Be sure to discuss these items before you sign with your photographer.

  1. Full name and contact information for the photographer and yourself.
  2. The date of the wedding, the arrival time, and the full address of the wedding location.
  3. The number of hours that the photographer is expected to shoot.
  4. The assistant, if there is one, and the hours he/she will work at your event(s).
  5. When your proofs will be ready and how long they will be available to view online.
  6. When and how you’ll receive your albums and prints once you place the order with your photographer, and any other package or delivery fees and details.
  7. An itemized total cost, including a detailed list of everything it includes, as well as a price list for extra prints and albums.
  8. Overtime rates.
  9. Deposit amount and the date that it was paid.
  10. Remaining balance and its due date.
  11. Policy for cancellation and refund.
  12. An emergency back-up plan, in case the photographer is sick and unable to make it to the wedding.{"url":"","count":0})


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