Wedding Reception Music 101: A Complete Rundown of Different Musical Moments

To prepare you for what the wedding reception music entails, here is a rundown of different musical moments for your reception:

1. Cocktail Hour Music:

This is music that is played in between the ceremony and reception. The music should set the mood and put people in good spirits, but you’re not trying to get anyone to dance yet.

2. Reception Ambiance Music

This is music that is played as your guests arrive, as they settle into their seats and while they enjoy the meal.

3. Reception Grand Entrance Music:

A celebratory song to mark the couple’s entrance into the reception and set the tone for the party. If you plan to introduce your wedding party first, be sure to choose a separate song for them.

4. The First Dance Music:

A song that is meaningful to the bride and groom.

5. Father and Daughter, Mother and Son Dance Music:

Traditionally, the father of the bride dances with his daughter after the first dance between the bride and groom. Some couples also have a mother/son dance or simply integrate that into the father/daughter dance at the end.

6. Reception Party Dance Music:

Even if you give the DJ or wedding musicians complete freedom with the song selections, it’s still a good idea to make a “do-not-play list” of songs that you want to avoid hearing.

7. Cake Cutting Music:

If you make your cake-cutting a ceremonial event, pick out an upbeat song for this sweet part of the evening.

8. Bouquet Toss Music:

An upbeat, lively song is played for this entertaining part of the wedding. The same applies for the garter toss.

9. The Last Dance Music:

It’s up to you whether you want something slow and sentimental, or something fun and buoyant. Just be sure to end the night by making a statement!

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