Wedding Transportation Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Before you officially book your wedding transportation rental company, make sure to address the following points in the contract!

  1. Arrival time to begin the night and reception departure time. Give yourself an extra 20 minutes for your start time, just to be safe.
  2. The total number of hours you will be renting the vehicle.
  3. Addresses of locations where you will need to be picked up and dropped off.
  4. The model, size, and color of the car you are renting. If you have chosen a specific car, also include the license plate number.
  5. The name of the driver you have chosen.
  6. The number of passengers for the vehicle.
  7. The total cost, deposit amount and due date, as well as remaining balance amount and due date.
  8. Gratuity for your driver.
  9. Rates for overtime.
  10. Any special requests that you may have: specific dress code for the driver, what kind of alcohol you want in the vehicle, type of music player you need, like an IPod connection, and so forth.
  11. Include a repercussion clause that outlines your liability if any damage occurs to the vehicle.
  12. Any cleaning fees that may be required for the vehicle after rental use.
  13. Confirmation and proof of company’s license and insurance with the county; this guarantees that the vehicles have been inspected and the drivers have been approved through the government.
  14. Policy for cancellation and refund.
  15. Signatures of all parties involved in contract.

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