Wedding Videography: Things to Consider Before Hitting Record

Your wedding video is a lasting memoir of your special celebration. You want to have one that you can watch over and over for all the years to come, so here are some very important points to consider when deciding how to film your big wedding day.

  1. The more wedding coverage and time that is spent on shooting, the higher the wedding videography fee will be. Use the time wisely!
  2. Do you want to have separate footage of the bride and groom, or will one camera be adequate?
  3. Consider whether you want to include interviews from your guests. If you decide you want them, provide your videographer a list of people (with table numbers) to interview.
  4. Decide if you want color, black and white, or a mix for your video.
  5. Do you want to see an opening montage of shots?
  6. What videography style do you want? Documentary, cinematic, storytelling, short form wedding, or traditional?
  7. Do you want to set background music to your video?
  8. Do you have a preference of shooting with digital or traditional film? Shooting film is more expensive and will be a big splurge.

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