How Much does Wedding Lighting Cost?

Good lighting can magically transform your venue space, instantly enhance the reception décor, and create awesome photo ops. To get an idea of what you should expect to spend on lighting, take a look at this cost breakdown:

1. Wedding Lighting Cost Basics
  • Lighting costs vary depending on the location, market, length of event, date of event, travel distance, venue, types of lighting fixtures, complexity of engineering, theme, seasonal and citywide demand etc..
  • Most lighting companies require a minimum dollar amount to be spent on lighting to create your “package”.
  • Also, set up and delivery charges vary, but are usually 10-15% of the lighting bill.
  • Typically, lighting purchased through the venue will be more expensive than going through an outside vendor.
2. Assuming the following wedding details
  • Saturday wedding, non-holiday
  • Hotel ballroom (fairly modern)
  • Wedding size of 150 guests
  • 15-20 tables
  • Standard 4 hour load-in, 2 hour load-out (no challenging load-in, load-out requirements)
3. General pricing guidelines
  • Uplighting for the entire ballroom, labor and supplies: $1,250-$2,500
  • Add a monogram light: $250-$500
  • Add texture lighting: $50-$125 per light fixture/pattern
  • Add cake spotlight: $30-$100
  • Add pipe and drape: $15-$35 per linear foot (usually in 10ft sections)
  • Add a blisslight: $250-$500
  • Add centerpiece lighting: $10-$30 per light
  • Add pin-spot lighting: $35-$75 per light/table
  • Add intelligent lighting: $100-$250 per fixture
  • Add projector, computer, screen: $200-$600 per setup

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