How Much Do Tent and Heater Rentals Cost for Your Wedding?

Here is a breakdown of how much Tent and Heater Rentals will cost for your wedding and some smart money saving tips:

Typical Costs
  • Generally, it’s safe to assume that the more people you have, the bigger the tent will be, and the more the tent will cost.
  • A small, white 20-foot square frame tent will fit about 40 guests and cost about $350 to rent.
  • A 30-by-60 rectangular frame tent will fit about 180 guests and cost around $900 to rent.
  • A 60-by-90 foot tent will fit about 540 guests and cost around $4,300 to rent.
  • Propane patio heaters will cost about $60 to rent while tent heaters will cost about $175-$250 each to rent.
What is Included
  • Most rental companies will deliver and install the tent and space heaters. After the event is over, they will also disassemble, remove, and clean the rented pieces.
  • Most rental companies will include clear sidewalls (for free), which can be attached to the tent to provide further shelter from wind and rain.
  • Most rental companies will give one day for delivery of items, one day for use of items, and one day for pick-up and cleaning of items.
Additional Fees
  • You will be charged a replacement or repair fee for any items that are damaged, broken, or lost while in your possession. This could cost thousands of dollars for tent rentals.
  • For weddings that take place in the evening, it will be necessary to rent lighting equipment for inside the tent. Chandeliers cost about $50-$85 each to rent.
  • Depending on the tent size, astroturf or decking flooring for inside the tent can cost a few extra hundred or thousands of dollars.
Money Saving Tips
  • Some companies may offer a discount if you rent a certain amount of equipment.
  • Some wedding planners may be able to get discounts for their clients through vendors that they frequently use and work with.
Things to Consider When Shop for Tent and Heater Rentals
  • Reserve your tents and heaters as far in advance as possible. Most companies require a non-refundable deposit of about 25% of the total rental cost.
  • Some companies may allow you to reserve a back-up tent in the case of unfavorable weather conditions. You can decide whether you want to use the tent up to a week before the wedding day. If you decide not to use the back-up tent, you will lose the deposit but will not be required to pay for the remaining balance.
  • Check with the venue site and confirm that the area allocated for tent use is free of cables, wires, underground sprinklers, sewer easements, or any other potential dangers that the rental company staff should be aware of.

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