How Much Does Wedding Dance Floor Cost?

Dance floors are typically rented by the section. For indoor weddings, popular choices are wood parquet (geometric wood design) or oak plank. Vinyl dance floors are another option for indoor use, which come in all black, all white, or a checkerboard pattern. For outdoor weddings, durable polypropylene dance floors are best.

Typical Costs
  • For a wedding with 100 guests, a 12×12 dance floor rental is generally recommended. Depending on the floor type, the price can range from $215 to $325.
  • For 100 guests at an indoor wedding, a wood parquet dance floor will generally range from $215 to $250. Each section may cost anywhere from $5 to $16 to rent.
  • For 100 guests at an indoor wedding with an oak plank dance floor, it will generally cost between $250 and $325.
  • For 100 guests at an indoor wedding with a vinyl dance floor, it can cost anywhere from $250 to $325.
  • For 100 guests, outdoor dance floor rentals will typically cost around $300.
What is Included
  • The price quote should include dance floor delivery, installation, breakdown, and pick-up. This may not always be the case, so you should confirm this with your vendor. Dance Deck provides instructions and general installation times.
  • To create the appearance of a finished edge, your package should include dance floor edging.
  • Though weekend rentals are common, couples should confirm with the vendor and inquire about weekend rates. Typically, the vendor will drop off the rental on Friday and pick up on Monday.
Additional Fees
  • Most companies charge a refundable damage waiver of $250 or 10% of the rental fee, which is to be paid upfront as a deposit. This protects the rental company in the case of any missing or broken equipment.
  • Liability insurance may be purchased for an additional cost. This will offer legal protection in the case that a guest incurs an injury on the dance floor, and decides to file a lawsuit. Purchasers will typically receive up to $1 million in liability coverage for a payment of $185.
Things to Consider When Shop for Wedding Dance Floor
  • Consider how many couples will be on the dance floor, when choosing which dance floor size to order.
  • If renting a dance floor for an outdoor tent, keep in mind that some companies will only install a dance floor under tents they set up.
  • If the dance floor is located in the corner of a tent, dance floor pole sections may be requested instead of regular sections. This is to help prevent injury and to ensure that the dance floor fits seamlessly around the outdoor tent poles.
  • When comparing prices for dance floor rentals, most companies offer dance floor rentals of various sizes, so ask for a price quote of the entire floor size that you need, rather than the cost per section.

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