How Much Does Wedding Dress Preservation Cost?

If you want to thoroughly clean and protect your wedding gown from dust, tearing, and yellowing for the years to come, then gown preservation is a must to-do! Here is what you need to know when shopping for a company that specializes in preserving fine garments.

Typical Costs
  • Professional gown cleaning only, hand pressing and professional fold service will cost $175 or more.
  • Expect to pay $250 to $800 for both cleaning and preservation, though prices can go as high as $1,000 depending on the gown and location. Metropolitan areas have higher prices. Elaborate silk gown with long train, extensive beading details and lace trim and sizable stains cost the most.
What is Included
  • The gown should be inspected by hand and treated for any visible stains or non-visible sugar stains by a gown preservation specialist.
  • Then it will be professionally cleaned and pressed.
  • The gown will be stored in an heirloom-quality, acid-free box or hung in a cotton bag.
Additional Fees
  • The preservation company will be able to repair minor rips, snags or tears on the wedding gown. Depending on the amount of work that will be needed, there will be additional costs for the repair.
  • For an additional fee, the preservation company may clean and preserve the veil and other accessories.
Find the Right Wedding Dress Preservation
  • Cleaning and stain removals work best if performed right after the gown has been worn, so it is important to find a preservation specialist before the wedding. You can ask for a referral from the bridal salon that the dress was purchased from.
  • Inquire about the policy on any mistakes or problems that may arise. Some companies guarantee their work, while others may refund only the preservation costs if a gown is ruined or discolored.
  • Simply Preserved is the perfect solution to preserve your gown no matter where you are. And they offer flat rate pricing for every gown. Specializing in fragile garments, beading, lace and vintage garments, they meticulously clean and preserve your gown so you can admire it for years to come. Check out their packages here and save 15% off with our promo code “MODWEDDING2017”.

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