How Much Do Wedding Ceremony Musicians Cost?

Here is a breakdown of how much wedding ceremony musicians will cost:

Typical Costs
  • The national average cost of ceremony musicians in 2016 is $755 according to The Knot.
  • Depending on the type of instrument, number of musicians, and the length of performance, the cost of hiring a live musician will vary. Solo performers charge less than a duo, trio, or quartet. Many experienced wedding musicians typically charge a “ceremony fee,” which is a higher rate for the first hour of performance.
  • A solo guitarist for a 2-hour performance that covers the ceremony and cocktails can range from $100-$425. A solo pianist may charge anywhere from $300-$500, while violists may charge anywhere from $300-$770.
  • Duos for guitars, pianos, violins, or harps will cost between $800-$1,250.
  • Trios and quartets will cost an average of around $1,000. Strings are the most popular option for weddings.
What Is Included
  • The total price quote should include: the length of the actual performance, setup and breakdown time, and necessary equipment (music stands, sheet music, etc.). Most live musicians will require a 5-15 minute break in between sets, usually once per hour.
Additional Fees
  • A travel fee or second location fee may be charged, depending on the location of the wedding ceremony and reception sites.
Money Saving Tips
  • Most musicians will offer discounts for events on any days other than Saturday, which is the busiest performance day of the week.
Things to Consider When Finding Your Wedding Ceremony Musicians
  • Consider hiring talented students who will charge lower rates than a professional. You can check the bulletin boards at local music schools, where students will post information regarding their services and skill sets.
  • If possible, try to audition the musicians in person. Recordings can easily be enhanced and not offer a genuine representation of their live performance capabilities.

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