How Much Does Wedding Transportation Rental Cost?

Here is a breakdown of how much wedding transportation rental will cost:

Typical Costs
  • The nation average spend on wedding transportation rental in 2016 is $859 according to The Knot.
  • Wedding transportation rental is typically 1% of the total wedding budget. This is fair for wedding budgets up to $100k; the percentage may diminish for wedding budgets over $100k.
  • Starting at a rate of $65-$100 an hour, you can rent a standard six-person limousine. For a classic or vintage vehicle, like a Rolls Royce or stretch hummer holding 20-30 people, rates can jump to $100-$300 or more per hour.
  • Most companies will offer package rates. For a wedding that lasts 4-8 hours, you can expect to pay around $400-$600 for a 6-8 passenger limousine. Rates can jump to $800-$2,000 or more for a vehicle with luxury options such as a video screen, leather interior, or mini bar.
  • For large weddings, coach bus or  trolley is the most elegant and cost effective method to transport a large number of guests all at the same time. While prices may differ across cities, the range for a coach bus is $700-$1200 for 6-8 hours.
What is Included
  • Some companies may start the rental time when the limousine arrives to pick you up, while others may begin the time as soon as the limousine leaves the garage. You should expect to pay for the hours that the limo waits for you, even when you’re inside enjoying your wedding.
  • The smoking and drinking rules inside the limo vary from company to company. Underage drinking inside the limousine is never legal, some state laws may even prohibit drinking by adults. When smoking and drinking is allowed, be aware that the person renting the limousine will be charged for any damage and soil done to the vehicle.
  • It is a good idea to rent a vehicle for a larger capacity than you believe you need. The capacity ratings are based upon an average person weighing 150 pounds, so a six-person limousine may actually feel slightly crowded for six adults—this can take away from the experience when you are aiming to ride comfortably in luxury and class!
  • Rental companies will never allow you to go over the passenger limit. If you are renting the standard 8-person stretch Lincoln limousine, it is only insured for those eight passengers.
  • Larger vehicles, like a stretch Hummer, may include options such as a full bar, flat screen TV, and laser light show.
  • A “Just Married” sign, red carpet, flowers and balloons may be included in the wedding package.
Additional Fees
  • If there are multiple pick-up or drop-off locations, you may be charged a fee that could range from $15-$30 per stop. Inquire about these costs in advance.
  • Most rental rates will not include the driver’s tip, which should range anywhere between 10-20 percent of the total rental cost. This should be given in cash at the end of the rental time. Some companies may include an automatic 20% gratuity for hourly rentals, so confirm this before tipping.
  • There may be a 5-10% fuel surcharge for longer trips.
  • Hourly rates are typically calculated in 15-minute increments. Overtime fees are usually higher than the standard rate, and can go up to around $130-$300 or more per hour. Rather than taking the risk of going over your rental hours, you may want to consider booking the limo for a flat fee for the day.
Things to Consider When Finding Your Limousine Rental:
  • Usually, a lower rental rate means you are getting an older vehicle. Ask questions about the model, year, and make of the vehicle that you will be renting.
  • If possible, check photos of the rental vehicle online or make arrangements to see it in person before booking. Most limousine companies are either local or regional operations, and may charge an extra fee for a pick-up point that is more than 30 minutes away.
  • Most limousine companies will require a deposit that is usually 50% of the total cost. Do not rely on verbal assurances of what is included in the rental package and be sure to ask for a written and signed contract. This should include the vehicle description, rental duration, pickup times, cancellation policy, overtime fees, and any other specifics.

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