Wedding Ceremony Music Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Before sealing the deal with your wedding ceremony musicians, make sure to get everything down in writing. Be sure to look out for the following details in your contract: 

  1. The wedding date, arrival time, starting and ending time.
  2. Address of venue site
  3. A list of the equipment that you have agreed to provide, and the equipment that the musicians agreed to provide. This may include music stands, chairs, or amplifiers. If musicians are using their own equipment, confirm and record any extra charges.
  4. Dress code: if you have any special requests for how the musicians should be dressed, be sure to note this in writing.
  5. A list of songs and when they should be played. (Prepare a “B-list” of songs that can be played if any extra time needs to be filled.)
  6. The number of hours that the musicians are expected to perform.
  7. Total costs and overtime rate. Include a clause that will allow for some flexibility, should you need the musicians to play a little longer;
  8. Record the names of each musician who is playing at the ceremony. Also get the names of their substitutes, in case there is an emergency and the back up musicians need to be called.
  9. Due dates for the deposit and remaining balance.
  10. The policy for cancellation and refund.
  11. A statement that proves valid liability insurance

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