8 Etsy Jewelry Designers You Need To Know

From engagement rings to bridesmaids gifts, jewelry is a very special part of weddings. With all the endless options, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of sparkly designs. So we’ve scoured the net to find 8 jewelry designers that you need to know and broke them down into 3 categories: engagement rings, minimalistic styles and day of jewelry–something for everyone! Get ready to fall head over heels in love with these sparkly gems.

Engagement Rings Every Girl Will Love

1. Stones & Gold

Stones & Gold, an online jewelry boutique, provides their customers with a warm and heartfelt experience similar to visiting a neighboring artisan shop. From engagement rings to bridesmaids gifts, their handcrafted designs are seriously stunning. It’s no secret that there was a lot of love that went into each piece.

etsy-jewelry-1-011417mcFeatured Designer: Stones & Goldetsy-jewelry-2-011417mcFeatured Designer: Stones & Goldetsy-jewelry-3-011417mcFeatured Designer: Stones & Goldetsy-jewelry-4-011417mcFeatured Designer: Stones & Gold

2. Vivid Gems

One look at Vivid Gems jewelry and you’ll fall in love. This family business is built on a commitment to quality workmanship, honest pricing and personalized service. Their jewelry is designed to glorify and illuminate the center stone as much as possible, where all gems are chosen for its “life” and “fire”. Like we said, just one look and you’ll fall in love.

etsy-jewelry-5-011417mcFeatured Designer: Vivid Gemsetsy-jewelry-6-011417mcFeatured Designer: Vivid Gemsetsy-jewelry-7-011417mcFeatured Designer: Vivid Gemsetsy-jewelry-8-011417mcFeatured Designer: Vivid Gems

3. Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Emily Chelsea Jewelry is an online based jeweler specializing in custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands. Meticulously designed and expertly crafted, Emily Chelsea Jewelry is not only beautiful, they are socially responsible using 100% recycled precious metals and responsibly sourced and traceable diamonds and gemstones.

etsy-jewelry-9-011417mcFeatured Designer: Emily Chelsea Jewelryetsy-jewelry-10-011417mcFeatured Designer: Emily Chelsea Jewelryetsy-jewelry-11-011417mcFeatured Designer: Emily Chelsea Jewelryetsy-jewelry-12-011417mcFeatured Designer: Emily Chelsea Jewelryetsy-jewelry-13-011417mcFeatured Designer: Emily Chelsea Jewelry

For You And Your Bridesmaids On The Big Day

4. Heatherly Jewelry

On the big day, you’ll want to complete your bridal look with beautiful jewelry that adds to your glow. And what’s better than wedding day jewelry that you can wear again? Heatherly Jewelry designs beautiful vintage-inspired pieces using Swarovski crystals and vintage glass rhinestones. Find something below for everyone in your bridal party.

etsy-jewelry-14-011417mcFeatured Designer: Heatherly Jewelryetsy-jewelry-15-011417mcFeatured Designer: Heatherly Jewelryetsy-jewelry-16-011417mcFeatured Designer: Heatherly Jewelryetsy-jewelry-17-011417mcFeatured Designer: Heatherly Jewelry

5. Bling Badda Boom

For classic and modern brides, Bling Badda Boom was founded by two sisters who shared a passion for fashion to help brides complete their wedding day look. Even better, these styles are also perfect for bridesmaids. Statement bridal jewelry has never looked better!

etsy-jewelry-18-011417mcFeatured Designer: Bling Badda Boometsy-jewelry-19-011417mcFeatured Designer: Bling Badda Boometsy-jewelry-20-011417mcFeatured Designer: Bling Badda Boometsy-jewelry-21-011417mcFeatured Designer: Bling Badda Boometsy-jewelry-22-011417mcFeatured Designer: Bling Badda Boom

6. Brides to Bridesmaids Boutique

Just as the name conveys, Brides to Bridesmaids Boutique has something beautiful for everyone in the bridal party! Whether you are looking for necklace and earring sets to gift your bridesmaids with or the perfect hairpiece to complete your look, this boutique has it all. Just for MODwedding readers, Brides to Bridesmaids Boutique is offering a 10% discount on orders over $50 with promo code “BTOB10” and a 20% discount on orders over $150 with promo code “BTOB20”.

etsy-jewelry-23-011417mcFeatured Designer: Brides to Bridesmaids Boutiqueetsy-jewelry-24-011417mcFeatured Designer: Brides to Bridesmaids Boutique | Braceletetsy-jewelry-25-011417mcFeatured Designer: Brides to Bridesmaids Boutiqueetsy-jewelry-26-011417mcFeatured Designer: Brides to Bridesmaids Boutique

Minimal and Dainty Jewelry

7. Chill’s Jewellery

Simplicity can speak volumes and it definitely does in Chill’s Jewellery’s dainty pieces. Created in Istanbul, these designs are inspired by modern women who embrace minimalism and feminism. Each style is carefully designed to reflect modern comfort and traditional luxury. Less is more!

etsy-jewelry-27-011417mcFeatured Designer: Chill’s Jewelleryetsy-jewelry-28-011417mcFeatured Designer: Chill’s Jewelleryetsy-jewelry-29-011417mcFeatured Designer: Chill’s Jewelleryetsy-jewelry-30-011417mcFeatured Designer: Chill’s Jewellery

8. Sivan Lotan

For the bride looking for something truly unique, Sivan Lotan designs are timeless, modern and completely handmade. Designer Sivan Lotan creates all her pieces in her own unique and delicate style, perfect for the modern bride who seeks a dainty, vintage-esque style.

etsy-jewelry-31-011417mcFeatured Designer: Sivan Lotanetsy-jewelry-32-011417mcFeatured Designer: Sivan Lotanetsy-jewelry-33-011417mcFeatured Designer: Sivan Lotanetsy-jewelry-34-011417mcFeatured Designer: Sivan Lotan

These talented jewelry designers really have something in store for everyone–from brides to bridesmaids, dainty to glam. Add your favorite styles to your wish list and let the jewelry shopping adventures begin!