Irresistible Neo Bohemian BHLDN Wedding Dresses

When it comes to making waves, leave it to BHLDN to lead the way. BHLDN has paved the way for the romantic, boho chic bride and they are adding a twist to their new Spring collection. This season, it’s all about the Neo bohemian trend. Mixing clean lines and silhouettes with a focal flourish of embellishments, this modern take on the boho trend includes ruffles, a statement sash and unexpected lace. Being a free-spirited bride has never looked so good!

BHLDN-wedding-dresses-1-031117mcChantal GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-2-031117mcSuri GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-3-031117mcEliana GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-4-031117mcChantal Gown

Laser cut lace brings a bridal staple to the 21st century. Clean lines and a fit and flare silhouette set this gown into a perfect, unique balance.

BHLDN-wedding-dresses-5-031117mcCruz GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-6-031117mcImogene GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-7-031117mcSawyer GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-8-031117mcDalle HeelsBHLDN-wedding-dresses-9-031117mcSt. Xavier Bag | Jane Deco Earrings | Avanti SashBHLDN-wedding-dresses-10-031117mcFreesia GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-11-031117mcCheyenne GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-12-031117mcCecelia DressBHLDN-wedding-dresses-13-031117mcCecelia DressBHLDN-wedding-dresses-14-031117mcLowri DressBHLDN-wedding-dresses-15-031117mcMelanie GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-16-031117mcMelanie GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-17-031117mcRhiannon Cape + Monroe GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-18-031117mcChantal GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-19-031117mcTahlia TopBHLDN-wedding-dresses-20-031117mcSuri GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-21-031117mcCheyenne GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-22-031117mcCheyenne Gown

Clean lines and airy crepe keep the look modern, while the fact that this is actually separates (skirt + top) keeps it funky fresh, with a ruffle and embellishment that embody a bohemian ethos.

BHLDN-wedding-dresses-30-031117mcAllegra GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-23-031117mcFreesia GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-24-031117mcCecelia DressBHLDN-wedding-dresses-25-031117mcImogene GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-26-031117mcWythe Corset + Amora SkirtBHLDN-wedding-dresses-27-031117mcCruz GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-28-031117mcSawyer GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-29-031117mcSawyer Gown

A billowing, bell sleeve has long been a staple of boho chic styles, here it meets on-trend minimalism and off-the-shoulder detail, making it perfect for the neo-boho girl.

BHLDN-wedding-dresses-31-031117mcSascha GownBHLDN-wedding-dresses-32-031117mcHavana Corset + Mae SkirtBHLDN-wedding-dresses-33-031117mcHavana Corset + Mae SkirtBHLDN-wedding-dresses-34-031117mcSaylor Dress

There are so many perks to being a modern bride. For one, you’re not tied down to one traditional look. The options are endless and brides today are encouraged to express themselves through their bridal fashion. This Spring collection from BHLDN allows brides to express their soulful, free spirits to walk down the aisle in a look that is uniquely them. From bedazzled accessories to pink skirts, this collection allows you to express yourself from head to toe.

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