5 Wedding Planning Tips to Inspire Design

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Any fabulous wedding planner will tell you that the heart of a good wedding lies within the style! With all the different ideas you find on Pinterest and in magazines, it gets tough to decide on a certain style of wedding. Allow these five essential wedding planning tips to help you visualize the design elements of your wedding.

1. The key to a successful wedding design will come from items that offer both form and function. Personally I love using farm style tables for any gathering especially those around the Holidays. These rustic yet elegant all wood tables allow for ample room to serve family style dishes, décor and candle lighting, while truly embracing the comfort of your guests and their ability to engage others at the table — Anna Noriega of Alore Event Firm.

2. You’ll find yourself drawn to several different styles and details. Take a step back and focus on the design elements that will make the most impact. When it comes to design, less is often more. Don’t feel as though you have to incorporate everything you are drawn to. A few meaningful details will create cohesion and elevate your design without distracting from its natural beauty — Jamie Sears and Kate Harlan of Simply Chic Events.

3. Lighting can transform a room very inexpensively. Talk to your rental company or DJ about the price for simple up lighting. Even if you only have a few up lights, it will change the look of the room — Sarah Trotter of Lasting Impressions Weddings.

4. Ensure you have a clear concept by researching what you love and draw inspiration from fashion, film, theatre, architecture, nature and family. Once you have a vision, ensure this concept is present across all your touch points and venue styling elements including your stationery, floral, table décor and accents, wedding favours and wedding day attire — Jason James of Jason James Design.

5. Don’t forget lighting. For highlighting design elements, creating the perfect mood, and helping your space transition from day to night, lighting is an important aspect that often gets overlooked. Hiring a planner will ensure these extra details don’t get overlooked — Pam Barefoot of Atrendy Wedding.