Make the Most of Your Venue with These 5 Wedding Planning Tips

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There are probably hundreds of venue options for the location you’re looking at, it just depends on style, price and size. Once you narrow down a select few and start to make decisions for your venue, keep in mind these wedding planning tips below!

1. Venues can look and feel entirely different depending on time of day and the season. Before picking a venue, I recommend that couples visit venues during the time of day and season, if possible, of their wedding to get an accurate picture of what the venue will look and feel like during their wedding — Regina Brooks of Regine Danielle Events.

2. When planning, find out what other events are happening in the area and pick your date accordingly. If there’s a major festival happening the same weekend as your wedding, hotels rooms will be more expensive and harder to come by, and traffic/parking will be heavier — Stephanie Martin of One Fine Day Events.

3. When looking for a reception venue, take into consideration the overall look and feel you want. Make sure the venue enhances this style. For example, if you want a formal wedding, don’t select a farm house for your venue but rather look at hotel ballrooms — Merilee Hennings of EverAfter Events.

4. Consider having a grand reveal before guests into the space designed for you with your parents or just your newly wed spouse. This moment is so special and will give you a chance to truly soak in your big day before your spouse and guests whisk you away for a night of talking and dancing — Elizabeth McKellar of The Nouveau Romantics.

5. During the end of cocktail hour, take a moment with your new spouse and check out the reception space before your guests are invited in. Enjoy the big reveal and look around at all the details/decisions you made brought to life — Tamra Sanford of ever swoon.{"url":"","count":9})