4 Must-Read Wedding Planning Tips for Working with Vendors

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Choosing your vendors is one of the most critical part of the wedding planning process, and you should feel totally comfortable with leaving your wedding in their hands. Take control of your own wedding vision, but make sure you’re letting the pros do their jobs. Have a look at these wedding planning tips to help improve your relationships with your wedding vendors!

1. Leave the transportation logistics to the experts, whether it’s your wedding planner or the transportation company. They will be able to accurately estimate travel times and know which pick up locations present problems (like the street is too narrow, there’s no where for a large bus to turn around, etc.) and how to get around them — Stephanie Martin of One Fine Day Events.

2. Always stay true to yourselves and your budget; you want to reflect on your wedding day and know that it was a reflection of you as a couple. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for samples, prototypes and mock ups from your suppliers to ensure you receive on the day what you paid and requested which will also remove the stress and anticipation on your wedding day — Jason James of Jason James Design.

3. Trust your wedding vendors so that they can do their best work. Give your vendors direction and personal preferences, but give them the creative freedom to surprise and delight you. It will allow them to create something really memorable — Tzo Ai Ang of Ang Weddings and Events.

4. Don’t expect your planner to also be the florist. Your planner should not be hired to set up your DIY floral pieces, vases and candles you bought online. Some may offer this service, but expect to pay an extra fee. This should not be expected as part of their normal services. Hire the correct professional vendors for each category so you don’t run into issues the day-of — Renny Pedersen of Bliss Weddings & Events.