The Final Wedding Venue Walk-Through Checklist

Not sure what kind of questions you should ask at your wedding venue walk-through? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the important questions you should ask at your final walkthrough. Check them out below!

  1. How will guests arrive? Ask about the parking, valet and shuttle services.
  2. Will you need to light the path to the ceremony, cocktail hour or portable toilets?
  3. Will portable restrooms be needed?
  4. How and where will the altar area be set up? Will the guests be sitting or standing? If sitting, will they be in rows or in the round? Will there be room for musicians?
  5. How will you mike the officiant?
  6. Where will the guests go after the ceremony?
  7. How and where will the cocktail hour be set up? (Things to keep in mind: musicians, bars, buffets, escort card table, guest book, tables)
  8. Will there be someone attending the coat check?
  9. Where will the receiving line be standing? (Optional)
  10. What does a typical layout of the reception room on the wedding day look like? For example: Where will the cake be displayed? Where will the reception deejay or band set up? Where will the bar be stationed?
  11. Where will the caterers set up? And what equipment will you need to provide?
  12. Are there enough electrical outlets for all musical equipment? Make sure to ask about sound system, speakers, and microphones, etc.
  13. Is there enough power or do I need to bring a generator?
  14. When can we access the reception site? Can we get more setup time? If so, is there an additional cost?
  15. What about the breakdown after the reception? it’s important to pay attention to the rules at your venue.
  16. If outdoors, are there any insect or allergen concerns?
  17. Is there anything that needs to be fixed or masked such as a stained carpet or water damage? Does the landscaping need any work?
  18. Is there any part of the room that needs major improvement or fixing?

Featured Cover Image: Jana Williams Photography

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