Wedding Planner Contract: Key Elements to Cover

Here are some of the most common elements you can expect to find in a wedding planner contract. Be sure to discuss these items before you sign with your planner.

  1. Full name and contact information of the planner who will be on hand during the wedding.
  2. Full name and contact information of Bride & Groom.
  3. The date of the wedding, the arrival time, and the full address of the wedding location(s).
  4. A detailed description of the planner’s services, responsibilities and restrictions.
  5. Total cost, including an itemized, detailed list of everything it includes.
  6. Terms on expense reimbursement.
  7. Deposit amount and the date that it was paid.
  8. Remaining balance and its due date.
  9. Overtime rates.
  10. Cancellation/change and refund policy.
  11. An emergency back-up plan, in case the planner is sick and unable to make it to the wedding.
  12. Signature and date from the couple.
  13. Signature and date from the wedding planner.

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