Wedding Planning Tips to Inspire Color Palette Design

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Your dream wedding color palette should take some serious thought and inspiration from some of your favorite wedding designs. What will work? What won’t work? Dream up multiple options for your wedding colors to really break down all the style possibilities. Our wedding planning tips below are sure to help guide your color inspiration!

1. Set your color palette early in the planning process so you can be sure to tell the same color story throughout your celebration. From the first items sent to guests by mail down to the last items handed out as a parting favor, a well-coordinated color scheme sets the tone for an elegant party that will be remembered fondly by all your guests — Emily Clarke of Emily Clarke Events.

2. Greenery is the Pantone color of the year! Don’t be scared to go with an all green palette whether you’re planning a modern or traditional style affair. You can accentuate it with a metallic like gold, rose gold or silver to give it an added pop — Candice Coppola of A Jubilee Event: Caribbean.

3. At the beginning stages of the design process with the bride, I focus on how she wants the wedding to feel. Rather than choosing “wedding colors,” we are able to establish a whole color palette that can convey the mood of the wedding day. This also positively affects the planning process when choosing items like linens or flowers because you aren’t stuck with just one or two colors — Jessica Sloane of Jessica Sloane Event Design & Styling.

4. There are no hard set rules when it comes to selecting colors for your wedding, but we encourage you to let the season in which you’re getting married inspire your color palette. Some colors would feel awkward in a season, like a pastel palette in fall. The winter season is complemented best with dark, rich tones while bright and cheerful colors are perfect for spring —Candice Coppola of A Jubilee Event: Caribbean.{"url":"","count":314})