Wedding Planning Tips: How to Provide the Best Guest Experience

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Your wedding should be one for the books not just for you and your spouse, but also for your guests! When wedding planning, keep in mind that you want this to be an unforgettable day for your family and friends as well. Check out these six wedding planning tips on how to make your wedding the best day possible for your guests.

1. Plan to have your bartender or catering service greet wedding guests with trays of signature cocktails, wine, and champagne when they arrive at the reception. This will make people feel warm and welcome while preventing back-up at the bar — Kristin Burgess of By Emily B.

2. People are interested in experiences! Give your guests the ultimate wedding experience. Kick the wedding reception off with the cutting of the wedding cake and a champagne saber. Roll backwards from there, have your band play the hottest song and everybody head to the dance floor. When they hit there seats they will be met with delicious delectable FUN menu reflective of you and your spouse — Andre Wells of Events by Andre Wells.

3. Providing dancing shoes like flip flops or ballet flats is the perfect touch for your guests who want to dance the night away. This will make your guests feel that you’ve gone above and beyond for everyone to enjoy your special night — Amy Katz of Amy Katz Events.

4. When planning your wedding remember, you and your groom are hosting all of your family and friends to join in a celebration as you become husband and wife. You always want to be considerate of your guests and communicate clearly where they need to be, what time they need to be there and what the attire for each gathering will be so they can plan accordingly. An informed guest is always a happy guest — Cindy Stonehouse of Cindy Stonehouse Events.

5. We know it’s hard to always to find time to talk to everyone individually at the reception. We recommend saying a few words before dinner as newlyweds, thanking everyone for a part of your special day and how much their presence means to you both. This way even if you don’t make it to someone they still know you appreciate them — Susan Norcross of The Styled Bride.

6. When planning your day-of timeline consider having a 10-15 minute high energy dance set after your first dance to get all your guests on the dance floor and kick off the evening with a party vibe. This sets the tone for the rest of the evening that it will be a festive and memorable wedding — Jessica Masi of Masi Events.{"url":"","count":99})