Key Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band or DJ Before You Book It

Here is a list of all the important questions to ask your wedding band or DJ before making a final decision on who to hire:

Background Check & Logistics
  1. Are you available on my wedding date? Do you have liability insurance?
  2. How many years of experience do you have of performing at weddings?
  3. What is your specialty or music style? Do you have a demo that we can watch online?
  4. Is the recording on your website broadcasted live or produced in a studio? Is the sound technically enhanced?
  5. If booking through an agency: Are the musicians that we hear on the recording the same artists that will be at our wedding?
  6. What options do we have when it comes to the size of the band and number of vocalists?
  7. Are you familiar with our reception space and its acoustic, power, and amplification requirements? If not, will you be checking with the venue beforehand?
  8. Does our reception site have the space and electrical capabilities that you will need?
  9. Do you require any additional equipment or instrument rentals?
  10. What size stage do you require or prefer working with? Do you need a particular style of stage?
  11. What will be your performance attire? Is there an additional cost for tuxes?
  12. Do you require meals?
  13. Who will do the setup? When is the setup start time and how long is needed? Can you be set up and playing before the first guests walk in?
  14. How many breaks will you take, and how long would each break be?
  15. Do all the members take a break at the same time, or will you rotate so that live music will be constantly playing?
  16. Will there be recorded music playing during the breaks?
  17. If a band member(s) becomes ill or has an emergency on the day of the wedding, what kind of backup plan do you have?
  18. Do you have a backup plan if there is an equipment malfunction?
Reception, Music, and Songs
  1. Will you provide song suggestions if I have a special wedding theme?
  2. Will you be able to act as an emcee and announce the first dance, toasts, and cake cutting etc.?
  3. What is your general approach to playing at weddings and how do you pace the event and motivate the crowd?
  4. Do you take requests from us of songs to play and not to play?
  5. Do you take requests from guests? How do you handle their song requests?
  6. If you are not familiar with any of the songs I request, will you learn them? How many would you be willing to learn, and how much advance notice do you need? Is there an additional charge?
Packages and Payment
  1. What is your total fee? How many hours of playing time does that include?
  2. How many pieces of instruments are included, and which instruments?
  3. Will you play overtime, and if so, what is your overtime charge?
  4. Will any band members play at the ceremony and/or cocktail hour as well? If so, are there additional fees or a discount?
  5. What is the required deposit and when is the remaining balance due?
  6. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

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