Wedding Cake Checklist: Things to Do

There are several decisions to be made when it comes to designing your very own wedding cake. To help narrow down your preferences, review this checklist with your cake vendor and get ready to make the wedding cake of your dreams!

1. Wedding Cake Budget

  • Before you begin your search for the perfect cake, have an idea of how much you want to spend. Have a specific budget and make sure that the cake vendors you schedule to meet with are well within your price range.
  • Wedding cake is usually priced by the slice. The cost can vary, but it generally ranges from $3 to $30 a slice (and beyond).

2. Cake Style

  • What style comes to mind when you think of the perfect wedding cake?
  • Are you looking for a contemporary, regal, traditional, glamorous, modern, or ornate styled cake?
  • Choose a cake after making your major wedding style decisions. You’ll want a cake that’s compatible with the look of your venue, the season, your wedding gown, the flower arrangements or the menu.

3. Tier Shapes

  • With the cake style that you have in mind, which shape do you think will be best?
  • Do you think that a round, rectangular, square, triangular, round, hexagonal, mixed shaped, ruffled or naked cake will be fitting?

4. Cake Size and Number of Servings

  • How many guests do you expect to have? The number of cake servings will determine the size of your cake. Generally, a three-tiered cake will serve 50-100 guests. If you have 150 guests or more, you will need four-tiers or more.
  • If you have a small invite list but still want a tall-tiered cake, ask your cake vendor to do this: Add height by creating the bottom layer out of styrofoam and decorating it to look like the rest of the cake.
  • If you have a large invite list and want to save some costs, you can opt to do this: Order a three-tiered cake and have a separate sheet cake in the back to be discretely sliced in the kitchen and distributed to guests.

5. Cake Flavors, Fillings and Frosting

  • When you meet with prospective bakers, taste lots of flavors.
  • The most popular wedding cake flavors: red velvet, chocolate, hazelnut-almond, lemon, vanilla, coconut and lime, carrot etc.
  • Don’t forget to sample fillings too.
  • Keep in mind that the more complicated the flavor, the bigger the price tag.
  • For the frosting, buttercream or fondant? Buttercream is often much more delicious, while fondant icing is generally more expensive than buttercream.

6. Cake Colors

  • Decide whether you want your cake to perfectly match your wedding color hues or whether it will complement them.
  • First, choose the main color for your cake.
  • Then, choose the accent colors for your cake.

7. Cake Embellishments / Add-Ons

  • Cake add-ons are a great way to jazz up a simple cake. Choose from accents like sugar flowers, polka dots, ribbon-like trim, and so forth to embellish your cake.

8. Cake toppers

  • Be original, and avoid cliché! Instead of a typical bride and groom topper, top your cake with something that is unique to you and your spouse to be.

9. Have a Detailed Delivery Plan

  • Discuss all the delivery details with your baker before signing the contract.
  • Cake delivery takes coordination, complex cakes may not necessarily arrive in final form, so allow time and space for assembly.

10. The Cake Table Display

  • Your cake will likely be on display before it’s cut and consumed. You should have a designated, well-lit table that allows the best presentation possible.
  • Decorate the table with colors and flowers to match the cake and your wedding style.

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