A Proper Way to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

Assembling your wedding invitations can be confusing to figure out, especially if there are multiple cards and enclosures involved. To help, we’ve outlined the steps to guide you through the process.

1. Wedding invitations are typically assembled by size order, with each card facing up. You should start with the invitation.

2. Place the reception card on top of the invitation so that it’s face-up.

3. Place the remaining enclosure cards, such as the hotel accommodations card or map card, on top of the reception card. Remember, all the cards should be facing up.

4. Place the reply envelope on top of the enclosure cards, but facing down. Insert the reply card face-up, under the flap of the reply envelope — this way, the printed side is visible.

5. If you have a folded style invitation, the enclosure should be placed within the folded invitation and not on top.

6. If you are using an inner envelop and outer envelope, the fully assembled invitation suite should be placed into the inner envelope, so when the envelope flap is opened, the printed side of the invitation is visible. Then, insert the inner envelope face-up into the outer envelope. The handwritten guest names on the inner envelope should be visible when the outer envelope is opened.

7. If you are using just an outer envelope, insert the fully assembled invitation suite into the envelope. You should see the printed side of the invitation when the envelope flap is opened.

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